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Trusted Referral Partners

Welcome to our Trusted Referral Partners page, where we proudly recommend businesses and professionals that we trust to take care of your needs. At Genuine Insurance Solutions LLC we value your trust and strive to provide you with exceptional service. When you require services outside of our expertise, we are confident that these referral partners will meet and exceed your expectations.

Meet the Team


Lauren Holverson – CB&A Realtors

Phone: 832-260-8488



Julie Shallop – CB&A Realtors

Phone: 281-731-3953



Vic Lawrence – CB&A Realtors

Phone: 832-289-6974



Jennifer White

Phone: 936-520-1318




Paula Wehring

Phone: 713-594-6944


KiKi Koymarianos


Mortgage Brokers

Natalie Watson - American Financial Network

Phone: 281-685-7880


Leah Stephens - LeaderOne Financial Corp

Phone: 281-732-1001


Title Companies

Karen TheKonnector (Hoffman) - Texas Title

Not just a closing but a connection

Phone: 210-218-7468


Pest Control

Lacey  & Rich Baker - Mosquito Authority | Pest Authority

Phone: 346-225-4352



Billy Bielamowicz – Holden Roofing

Phone: 832-586-2227




Moving Companies

Ameritex Movers

Phone:: 713-484-6683



Travel & Cruise Advisors

Lindsey Mangold

Phone: 833-382-8785 (EXT 708)

Fiancial Planning and Advisors

Edward Jones

Crystal Coley

Phone Office 936-597-8766

Phone Cell: 304-671-2636

And More

At Genuine Insurance Solutions LLC, we have built a network of trusted professionals to meet a wide range of your needs.

Three of the qualities that we look for in our referral partners are listed below.

If we find that one of our referral partners is not living up to the high standards that you our customers have set for us, we will respectfully remove them from our referral list.

Trustworthy: This indicates that the entity being referred is seen as reliable and dependable. Trustworthiness often stems from a history of keeping promises, being honest, and demonstrating integrity in their actions. This is a crucial quality when it comes to referrals, as people want to know that they can rely on the recommended service or person.

Prompt: Promptness is another critical factor in building trust. It implies that the entity being referred is responsive and timely in their actions. Promptness often leads to increased customer satisfaction because it demonstrates that the entity values the time and needs of their clients or customers.

If for any reason our referral Partners cannot be on time, they will communicate that with you.

Efficient: Efficiency indicates that the referred entity is capable of accomplishing tasks or providing services effectively and with minimal waste of time or resources. Efficiency is often associated with productivity and can lead to cost savings and high-quality results, which are important aspects when considering a referral.

Please feel free to reach out to any of these trusted referral partners directly and let them know that Genuine Insurance Solutions LLC - Clint Strahm sent you. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are confident that our referral partners will provide you with the same level of excellence that you expect from us.

As we find more trusted partners, we will add them to provide our customers with additional resources.


Legal Disclaimer:

Please understand that each business or individual that is referred owns their own business. We at Genuine Insurance Solutions LLC do not have any vested interest nor do we receive any monetary value in providing our referral partners' contact information. These are businesses that we have had good experiences with and are only intended to provide our customers with additional options. We are in no way responsible for services rendered if you choose to use any of our referral partners. By utilizing the information provided, you acknowledge and agree that Genuine Insurance Solutions LLC bears no responsibility or liability for the services, products, or experiences obtained through our referral partners. You are encouraged to conduct your own due diligence and make informed decisions when engaging with these businesses.

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